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Ten Things No One Tells You About Your First 60 Days as CIO

Your First “60” Days As CIO

There is no shortage of articles and posts on the web about the first 60 days as CIO. All of those pieces of content offer good, pretty obvious, politically correct advice. Hopefully, this post will prove a little different. We attempt to fill in the gaps left in other lists from a few decades of observing CIOs struggle through the first 60 days because of patterns they accept in the first 30.

So the first gap comes in the expectation of time. You don’t have 100 days or 60 days. You have 30 days. People’s opinions form quickly, and they last. I have worked with CIOs who were the working wounded beyond their first 30 days. Work on getting comfortable in the position first–in finding yourself in the role. Then you can do brilliant things. If you spend your first 30 days…Read the full article

– Daniel W. Rasmus