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Introducing the AI Impact Roadshow: The Must-Attend Events for Executives

Join us for the AI Impact Roadshow, a groundbreaking series of events held at Topgolf venues nationwide. Designed specifically for executives and leaders across industries, these events will revolutionize your understanding of artificial intelligence and its immense impact on organizations today. This is not just a technology event; AI permeates the entire leadership of an organization, empowering the entire C-suite to drive innovation, efficiency, and competitive advantage, all while having a great time at Topgolf.

Led by IDC analysts and top AI solution providers, the AI Impact Roadshow offers a unique opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations and gain insights from the industry's brightest minds. Experience the thrill of Topgolf's cutting-edge facilities while immersing yourself in thought-provoking discussions led by IDC analysts, who will guide the conversation on the latest AI advancements and strategic implications for your organization. Learn from leading AI solution providers across vertical markets, each sharing their expertise and innovative solutions to help you navigate the AI landscape and unlock new possibilities

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