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Poly and Nureva Make Big Hybrid Conference Rooms Work at Zoomtopia

Poly and Nureva Make Big Hybrid Conference Rooms Work at Zoomtopia

By Rob Enderle for ComputerWorld

The companies highlighted conferencing products that are flexible, reconfigurable, and interoperable, allowing for a best-of-class, multi-vendor solution that lets you selectively swap out components as technology advances.

When it comes to hybrid meetings, big rooms are a significant problem. Usually, the technology can adjust to show the speaker, presentation material, and audience members when they actively participate. You can put in an array of ceiling microphones and speakers, which can lead to reduced sound quality and significantly increased cost of configuring the room. The resulting installation is virtually permanent, so if you move or change the configuration of the room, much of the related hardware can’t be moved without significant additional cost.

With so much uncertainty regarding hybrid work, the need for a flexible but still viable solution has never been greater. Until now, that flexibility has been elusive. This week at Zoom’s annual Zoomtopia conference, two hardware vendors, Nureva and Poly, collectively created something interesting.

Let’s chat about big hybrid conference rooms and Zoom this week.


Nureva is a sound specialist. It doesn’t do cameras, but when it comes to sound management, it’s the master. I say this after seeing a demonstration where the company’s new HDL410 sound bars were in use in very large conference rooms.

The sound from anyone in the room was crystal clear (though a little boomy in a large room without baffles), and the sound into the room was crisp and clear. It featured impressive noise cancellation, and its AI regularly samples the room for tone and then blocks it out accordingly.

Noise cancellation is critical because conference rooms too often have glass walls or large windows that don’t filter background sound well. This can be very distracting to both remote and on-prem attendees. It doesn’t help those in the room, but for remote attendees, effective noise cancellation can reduce distractions and make the material far easier to understand.

The sound bars (you need more than one in a very large room) pull proprietary PoE power from a breakout box, which allows for one cable installation, and they mount high on the wall, which allows for a very simple installation in raised-ceiling rooms. This means the sound bars can easily be relocated if the company moves, and it allows the room to be reprovisioned or reconfigured for something else without losing the hardware investment. 


Poly announced several products at Zoomtopia…


Read the full article to find out what products were announced at Zoomtopia: Poly and Nureva Make Big Hybrid Conference Rooms Work at Zoomtopia

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