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Jlab Go Mouse-Keyboard Set Review: 2 Devices, 1 Portable and Affordable Bundle

Jlab Go Mouse-Keyboard Set Review: 2 Devices, 1 Portable and Affordable Bundle

By: Daniel W. Rasmus for Serious Insights

Mobile devices have led to a growing demand for portable keyboards to accommodate an on-the-go lifestyle. Mobile keyboards have come a long way, from bulky and cumbersome to sleek and compact. The Jlab Go Mouse-Keyboard Set is a prime example of this evolution, offering a compact and lightweight typing solution that’s perfect for travel or minimalist work setups.

The Go bundle works just as well with a phone as it does with a tablet. The 3-device connection options make it easy to connect the mouse and keyboard to a PC, a phone and a table. One bundle to serve all devices.

JLab Go Mouse-Keyboard Set Specifications

  • 2 Bluetooth® connections
  • 1 USB Wireless dongle (2.4 Ghz.)
  • 2 -year warranty

Go Mouse Specifications

  • Number of buttons: 4 buttons
  • Button functions: Left Click, Right Click, Scroll Wheel, DPI (800-1600)
  • DPI Sensitivity: 800, 1200, 1600
  • Frame Rate: 3000 frames/sec
  • Max Speed: 28 in/sec
  • Button Action Force: 100±10g
  • Wheel Acting Force: 20±5g

Go Keyboard Specifications

  • Number of keys: 78 keys (no number pad)
  • Shortcut keys: (e.g., Internet, e-mail, Media Keys, Volume); Device Switch keys; Operating system quick keys
  • Switch Type: Scissor-switch
  • Keystroke distance: 1.8mm
  • Drawing force: 0.8kgf
  • Spring back: 50±20gf
  • Weight: 325g, including batteries
  • Dimensions: 11.24 x 0.96 x 5.13 in

What We Like

A thin, fully functional mouse and keyboard for travel. Even at a skimpy price, JLab doesn’t skimp on features.

Jlab makes bigger keyboards and larger, more adroit mice for designers and knowledge workers at desks at home or in an office. This combo is for workers who move from place to place, meeting to meeting and want accessories that add a minimum of weight to their already overstuffed backpacks and bags. The JLab Go Mouse-Keyboard set delivers at only .811 lbs. combined.

  • Ultra-compact design: The keyboard and mouse are lightweight and compact, making them perfect for travel or minimalist work setups. Function keys control connections and layout. The keyboard supports Mac, Windows and Android mappings. Function keys also offer various shortcuts when combined with the Fn key.
  • Multi-device support: Both the keyboard and mouse can connect to up to three devices simultaneously.
  • Wireless connectivity: Connect via Bluetooth 5 or 2.4 GHz USB wireless dongle for a reliable and lag-free connection.
  • Soft touch keys: The keyboard features low-profile, soft-touch keys that are quiet and comfortable to use.
  • Smart media knob on keyboard: The media knob provides quick control over audio playback and volume.
  • Selectable DPI on mouse: 800, 1200, and 1600 DPI
  • Long battery life: The keyboard and mouse have a long battery life, with the keyboard lasting up to 4+ months and the mouse lasting up to 6+ months.

Jlab stands behind even their low-priced accessories with a 2-year warranty.

As expected, JLab shipped the mouse-keyboard set in industry-leading, all-paper packaging. All other accessory makers should look to JLab for help creating packages that protect the environment as much as they protect the devices they contain…

To find out what could be improved about the Mouse-Keyboard Set, read the rest of the article: Jlab Go Mouse-Keyboard Set Review: 2 Devices, 1 Portable and Affordable Bundle


About the author:

Daniel W. Rasmus, the author of Listening to the Future, is a strategist and industry analyst who has helped clients put their future in context. Rasmus uses scenarios to analyze trends in society, technology, economics, the environment, and politics in order to discover implications used to develop and refine products, services, and experiences. He leverages this work and methodology for content development, workshops, and for professional development.

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