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iPhone 15: Top 10 Takeaways from the September 2023 Apple “Wonderlust” iPhone 15 Event

iPhone 15: Top 10 Takeaways from the September 2023 Apple “Wonderlust” iPhone 15 Event

By Daniel W. Rasmus for Serious Insight 

It is fall. However, it is technically still summer. But an Apple iPhone announcement event, like Pumpkin Pie at Costco, signals the waning days of summer, if not with astronomical precision. Apple announced several updates in its iPhone 15 line and some major changes for Apple Watch as well.

Apple continues to offer features that are compelling enough that upgrades make sense even when a current iPhone is perfectly fine being an iPhone. This round it was spatial video for me. It is brilliantly simple, but it eliminates any question about creating basic 3D memories for the new Apple Vision Pro.

This event included announcements about the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, Apple Watch Series 9, and Apple Watch Ultra 2.

  1. iPhone Pro Chip. The iPhone 15 will continue to sport the same A16 chip as its predecessor. The iPhone Pro, however, will sport the 3nm A17 Pro with its 19 billion transistors and 6-core CPU. The 16-core neural engine will crunch 35 trillion operations a second. ProRes, the AV1 decoder, and the Pro display engine get dedicated silicon. The customer shader in the GPU ups the iPhone Pro’s graphics game, including for gaming. The new chip supports Wi-Fi 6E for improved connectivity.
  2. Apple Watch Chip. Apple S9 chip includes 5.6 billion transistors. The updated neural cores remove the need for connections when, for instance, talking to Siri. No longer will owners need to stand at the BBQ and wait while Siri tries to connect with a phone on a nightstand to start the countdown. The neural engines are also key to the new Thumb and Index Finger Double Tap (no. 6). The new chip will also make itself known more easily by the FindMy app with updated ultra-wideband support.
  3. The iPhone 15 Pro Camera. The iPhone 15’s 48MP main camera and other optical features, like build-it depth capture (eliminating Portrait Mode), would have been a big breakthrough, except that Apple also makes the iPhone Pro, which has an even better camera. The iPhone 15 Pro camera includes 5x telephoto and 0.5 Ultra wide macro, seven total lenses to cover various photo and video needs….

Continue reading the full article here to find out the rest of the takeaways from the event: iPhone 15: Top 10 Takeaways from the September 2023 Apple “Wonderlust” iPhone 15 Event


About the author:

Daniel W. Rasmus, the author of Listening to the Future, is a strategist and industry analyst who has helped clients put their future in context. Rasmus uses scenarios to analyze trends in society, technology, economics, the environment, and politics in order to discover implications used to develop and refine products, services and experiences. He leverages this work and methodology for content development, workshops and for professional development.


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