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SXSW Sessions- AI Colonialism and Privacy Legislation- Have We All Become Cyber-Slaves to The Silicon Valley Matrix?

SXSW Sessions- AI Colonialism and Privacy Legislation- Have We All Become Cyber-Slaves to The Silicon Valley Matrix?

By: Rex M. Lee, Privacy Advisor and Tech Journalist for My Smart Privacy

One of the key issues that were discussed by several panels at SXSW was centered on consumer exploitation regarding predatory surveillance and data mining business practices employed by tech giants who monopolize the development of leaky operating systems, intrusive apps/social media platforms, and centralized generative AI (ChatGPT & BARD).

This topic, plus others were discussed during two important sessions at SXSW that I attended which included the following:


The First Session, AI Next Frontier: Breaking the Chains of Colonial Algorithms, Moderated by Karen Palmer, Interactive Film LTD, with Panelist Idalin Bobé, MBA TectActivst.Org, Jason Edward Lewis, Indigenous Protocol and AI, and Kambale Musavuli, Center for Research on the Congo-Kinshasa.

The Second Session, Beyond the Hype, Policy for Keeping AI in Check, Moderated by Willmary Escoto, Esq. (CIPP/E), Access Now, Panelists: Bertram Lee Jr., NITA Office of Policy Analysis and Development, Calli Schroeder, EPIC, and Alisa Valentin, Ph.D., Public Knowledge.

The issues brought up by both panels are relevant to the issues I, plus other technologists, have exposed over the years within numerous articles/documentaries (The Social Dilemma) which include:

  • Surveillance Capitalism- Intrusive, harmful, & predatory business practices employed by Google, Apple, Microsoft, Meta (Facebook), Bytedance (TikTok), and so on…


  • Brain hijacking/manipulative advertising technology- tech addiction/harm consumer/child exploitation


  • Surveillance business practices centralized OS, apps, social media platforms, and AI supported by a targeted advertising business model


  • Centralized Internet- Alphabet (Google), Apple, & Microsoft’s control over internet trade/commerce through the monopolization of operating systems (Android OS, Apple iOS, & Windows) while controlling the global distribution of apps, social media, & AI via preinstalled app agreements by way of GooglePlay, Apple App Store, and Windows App Store

Internet Centralization has led to:

  • Global surveillance & data mining by tech giants, including those from China and Russia


  • Tech oppression which includes forced participation by way of contracts of adhesion (take-it-or-leave-it terms of service of which if you do not click on, I agree, you cannot use the products you pay for such as a smartphone)


  • Internet censorship


  • The cultivation of the most valuable commodity on the planet which includes personal, medical, business, legal, biometric, employment, copyright, & location information from Android, Apple iOS, and MS Windows end users.

There are many new lawsuits regarding the theft of copyright content from artists, musicians, and other internet content producers regarding the fact that AI developers are simply indiscriminately scrapping the internet for information to train their AI platforms including MS ChatGPT and Google BARD.

We need a change in the form of an “Electronic Bill of Rights for the 21st Century” which is a policy change proposal, plus an article I have authored, and delivered to numerous lawmakers dating back to 2017.

Until we get new privacy and consumer protection laws passed, capitalism will have to solve the problem.

Tech companies and technologists centered on decentralization will have to provide solutions for privacy, security, and safety such as non-Android operating systems that include PureOS, by Purism, or Qubes OS, which support secure apps, social media platforms, and AI that provide privacy as well.


For more information on the SXSW Sessions and topics like AI Colonialism and Privacy Legislation, feel free to reach out to Rex M. Lee at rlee@mysmartprivacy.com

Rex M. Lee is a Privacy and Cybersecurity Advisor, Tech Journalist, and Senior Tech/Telecom Industry Analyst for BlackOps Partners, Washington, DC. Find more information at CyberTalkTV.com.

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