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President Biden’s AI Executive Order Does Not Address Threats Posed by Surveillance Business Practices

President Biden’s AI Executive Order Does Not Address Threats Posed by Surveillance Business Practices

By: Rex M. Lee 

I heard a lot of news about President Biden’s AI Executive Order, “New Standards for AI Safety and Security” so I wanted to review the executive order fact sheet provided by the White House to see if it addressed threats posed by predatory surveillance business practices.

What I found out is no, the AI executive order fails to address security, privacy, and safety threats posed by surveillance business practices rooted in Surveillance Capitalism which is an intrusive and exploitative business model employed by Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, Apple, BAIDU (China), and other global AI developers. 

Alphabet, Microsoft, Apple, BAIDU, and other AI developers are in the information trafficking business which means that they are in the process of centralizing AI for the purpose of monopolizing the development and global distribution of intrusive AI products, such as ChatGPT and BARD, that are supported by a targeted advertising business model centered on the surveillance and data mining of the AI end user for profits.

Google, Apple, & Microsoft develop, train, and globally distribute AI, including AI from China, via preinstalled apps, plus through Google Play, Apple App Store, & Microsoft App Store.

These companies are integrating AI into all of their products such as web browsers, apps, social media and so on posing massive security, privacy, and safety threats to end users of AI integrated products and services.

Below are privacy details from the new AI executive order signed by President Biden: 

Protecting Americans’ Privacy

  • Without safeguards, AI can put Americans’ privacy further at risk. AI not only makes it easier to extract, identify, and exploit personal data, but it also heightens incentives to do so because companies use data to train AI systems. To better protect Americans’ privacy, including from the risks posed by AI, the President calls on Congress to pass bipartisan data privacy legislation to protect all Americans, especially kids, and directs the following actions:
    • Protect Americans’ privacy by prioritizing federal support for accelerating the development and use of privacy-preserving techniques—including ones that use cutting-edge AI and that let AI systems be trained while preserving the privacy of the training data.
    • Strengthen privacy-preserving research and technologies, such as cryptographic tools that preserve individuals’ privacy, by funding a Research Coordination Network.
    • Evaluate how agencies collect and use commercially available information—including information they procure from data brokers—and strengthen privacy guidance for federal agencies to account for AI risks. This work will focus in particular on commercially available information containing personally identifiable data.
    • Develop guidelines for federal agencies to evaluate the effectiveness of privacy-preserving techniques, including those used in AI systems.

There are decentralized alternatives to intrusive operating systems, apps, and social media platforms such as Purism’s PureOS that supports secure apps that in turn support smartphones, tablet PCs, laptop PCs, enterprise servers, and mini-PCs all manufactured by Purism.

For example, the Liberty Smartphone by Purism is manufactured in the U.S. with made in the U.S. electronics for a secure supply chain, end to end.

Additionally, there are new decentralized social media platforms such as Mastodon that are presenting a secure and safe alternative to centralized social media platforms that are supported by highly addictive brain-hijacking technology associated with manipulative advertising technology.

Until the government addresses Surveillance Capitalism, global tech giants will monopolize AI while posing numerous security, privacy, & safety threats to end users of apps, social media, and other products integrated with intrusive AI.

Until the government addresses these threats, Purism and other decentralized developers will continue to provide security and privacy respectful products and services available to the public, businesses, government, plus anyone who values security and privacy.


For more information about President Biden’s AI Executive Order, feel free to reach out to Rex M. Lee at rlee@mysmartprivacy.com

Rex M. Lee is a Privacy and Cybersecurity Advisor, Tech Journalist, and Senior Tech/Telecom Industry Analyst for BlackOps Partners, Washington, DC. Find more information at CyberTalkTV.com.

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