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A Closer Look at a Critical Partnership for Hybrid Generative AI

A Closer Look at a Critical Partnership for Hybrid Generative AI

By Rob Enderle for TDWI

Hybrid AI is one of the big trends for 2023, but not all hybrid AI solutions meet an essential condition.

In October 2023 Lenovo and NVIDIA announced an interesting and powerful new partnership hybrid generative AI. Hybrid AI is one of the big trends I’m following this year because virtually every chip company is on board with this move. However, NVIDIA is still the AI king in terms of technology with broad partnerships across most of the companies in a variety of industries working on this technology. Lenovo is an interesting partner because it has been aggressively moving against its peers with ever more innovative solutions in a variety of areas, including water-cooled server solutions (an advance on what it got from IBM when it bought IBM’s server business).

The thing about any current AI deployment is experience -- because there is still so little of it in the market. Many of the vendors are building their own solutions using NVIDIA hardware but aren’t engaging as deeply with NVIDIA to gain access to the company’s uniquely deep understanding of AI, particularly when it comes to training and testing that AI at machine speeds with simulation rather than doing it live.

Hybrid AI solutions are even more difficult now because neither the server nor the desktop side of this solution is optimized for AI. This is why so many initial implementations of this technology are behaving sub-optimally.

The Key Characteristics of Hybrid AI

When someone refers to something as “hybrid AI,” a lot of what I see is AI that is mostly running on the desktop to reduce cloud or server loading and related costs. To me, this isn’t truly a hybrid.

For instance, if we talk about hybrid learning, we aren’t just talking about people working from home -- we are talking about a situation where some are at home and some are in school in real time. True hybrid AI is an implementation that is concurrently using (when possible) both desktop and server or cloud resources at the same time, load-balancing the effort and dynamically shifting that load based on the needs of the entity providing the service and the needs of the user…


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Rob Enderle is the president and principal analyst at the Enderle Group, where he provides regional and global companies with guidance on how to create a credible dialogue with the market, target customer needs, create new business opportunities, anticipate technology changes, select vendors, and products, and practice zero-dollar marketing. You can reach the author via email.

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