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The BLACKOPS REPORT: Chinese Surveillance/Espionage In The US

The BLACKOPS REPORT: Chinese Surveillance/Espionage In The US

This week The BLACKOPS REPORT with Merle Garrison and Casey Fleming, BlackOps Partners, discuss Chinese surveillance on the U.S. in light of the recent violation of U.S. airspace/sovereignty by China regarding the Chinese Spy Balloon.

Aside from the Chinese spy balloon, Merle and Casey address Chinese spy apps such as TikTok, WeChat, Temu, Shein, and other intrusive Chinese apps that pose massive privacy, security, and safety threats to U.S. end users, including teens, children, and business end users.

Merle and Casey welcome special guest, Rex M. Lee, Security Advisor and Tech Journalist, to discuss intrusive Chinese apps that enable Chinese app developers to surveil and data mine U.S. citizens, for profits while posing a national security threat to the United States.

🔗Link to Panel Discussion: The BLACKOPS REPORT- Chinese Surveillance/Espionage In The US! on Vimeo. 

Rex M. Lee is a Privacy and Cybersecurity Advisor, Tech Journalist and a Senior Tech/Telecom Industry Analyst for BlackOps Partners, Washington, DC. Find more information at CyberTalkTV.com