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Is Advanced AI The Reason To Exit The Centralized Internet?

Is Advanced AI The Reason To Exit The Centralized Internet? 

By Rex M. Lee

With the recent advancements and proliferation of AI ChatGPT, it may be time for individuals, companies and governments to consider exiting the centralized internet due to massive security, privacy, and safety threats exposed by artificial intelligence pioneers and industry experts who have recently come forward such as Elon Musk (OpenAI Founder) and Alphabet's (Google) Geoffery Hinton known as the "Godfather of AI".

The centralized internet already poses massive threats to anyone who surfs onto the internet today because of the handful of monopolies that dominate the internet that include Google, Apple, and Microsoft, plus their app developer partners that include Meta/Facebook, ByteDance/TikTok (China), Amazon, and others.

Due to centralization, Google, Apple, and Microsoft control access to the internet by way of the operating systems they developed which include the Android OS, Apple iOS, and Microsoft Windows OS that can be classified as "leaky operating systems" since they support intrusive apps and highly addictive social media platforms centered on exploiting end users for profits.

Google, Apple, and Microsoft are mostly to blame for the security, privacy, and safety threats associated with the internet today due to consumerism which has led the proliferation of predatory surveillance and data mining business practices rooted in Surveillance Capitalism which pose numerous threats to internet end users.

Surveillance capitalism is a business model adopted by Google, Apple, and Microsoft the three dominant operating system (OS) developers in the world which means that the majority of people who access the internet today must do so via the Android OS, Apple iOS, or Microsoft Windows OS which support smartphones, tablet PCs, connected products, IoT devices, and PCs.

The operating system is the gateway to the internet, and unfortunately Google, Apple, and Microsoft have chosen to partner with intrusive application and social media platform developers who make money by monitoring, tracking, data mining, and exploiting the OS end user for profits of which these developers share with Google, Apple, & Microsoft.

Surveillance Capitalism is the root cause of all security, privacy, safety, and civil liberty threats associated with the centralized internet which means that there is no privacy, security, or safety when accessing the internet by way of leaky operating systems that support intrusive apps and highly addictive/harmful social media platforms.

When you add artificial intelligence (AI) to the centralized internet, the threats are increased 10-fold due to the immense power associated with the recent advancements in AI (advanced AI) made by Microsoft’s OpenAI (ChatGPT) and Alphabet BARD (chatbot), Google’s parent company.

Before Microsoft invested in OpenAI, OpenAI posed massive threats to internet web browsers such as Google Chrome and MS Bing, developed by Alphabet and Microsoft.

The competitive threat posed by OpenAI caused Microsoft to invest billions into the company in order to gain control over the company rather than innovate to compete against OpenAI which is standard operating procedure for monopolies such as Microsoft.

This same scenario has played out time and time again regarding monopolistic tech giants, such as when Meta purchased Instagram rather than Facebook competing against Instagram.

These are antitrust issues that our government refuses to address leading the centralization of the internet, which is controlled by a handful of monopolistic corporations, and now leading the centralization of advanced AI which will be controlled by the same monopolies who control access to the internet today.

This means that AI solutions such as AI ChatGPT going forward will be weaponized against the end user for consumerism which means that AI will support predatory surveillance and data mining web browsers, apps, and social media platforms centered on exploiting the end user for profits at the expense of the end user’s security, privacy, safety, and civil liberties.

Centralizing advanced AI also means that the same tech giants today will be able to crush future competition while destroying innovation much like we have seen happen over the past 25 years as Alphabet/Google, Apple, Microsoft, Meta/Facebook, ByteDance (TikTok-China), Amazon, and other tech giants have taken full control over the internet as we know it today.

The same threats we face today as the result of a centralized internet will be the same regarding advanced AI, but much worse as advanced AI proliferates around the world which means that governments who collude with tech giants will be able to weaponize advanced AI for political purposes as well.

Those threats include:

  • Weaponized advanced AI centered on eliminating human rights by way of tech giants that collude with government (i.e. Elon Musk Twitter file releases/FBI collusion)
  • The loss of millions, if not billions, of jobs via automation advanced by other multinational corporations who are at the heart of other centralized industries
  • The loss of security due to intrusive surveillance and data mining apps/technologies that support advanced AI
  • The loss of privacy due to the use of intrusive apps/technologies that support advanced AI
  • The continued exploitation of operating system end users, including children, by Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Meta/Facebook, ByteDance/TikTok, and other tech giants who employ predatory surveillance and data mining business practices rooted in Surveillance Capitalism
  • The use of advanced AI by bad actors, governments, hackers, and criminal organizations for nefarious purposes that include election interference, the spread of misinformation/disinformation, drug/human trafficking, hacking networks/critical infrastructure, and the list goes on
  • The use of harmful and addictive brain hijacking technology associated with manipulative advertising technology by OS, app, and social media platform developers centered on exploiting end users, including children, for profits as exposed in the Netflix documentary "The Social Dilemma"
  • The use of advanced AI by adversarial countries to launch unrestricted hybrid warfare centered on smartphones, PCs, apps, and social media platforms

There are other threats to consider, but these are the top threats that impact all internet end users, including teens/children, and business/government end users.

Business and government end users have no idea that their highly confidential business/government information is being collected by leaky OS and intrusive app developers aside from their highly confidential personal information due to indiscriminate surveillance and data mining business practices employed by all developers concerned.

Due to these threats posed by today's centralized internet and advanced AI, now is the time for companies, governments, and individuals who value security, privacy, safety, and freedom to consider decoupling most of the dealings from the centralized internet.

There are solutions that can help companies, governments, and individuals decouple from the centralized internet that include:

  • Linux based operating systems that support fully auditable source code and an isolated modular modem
  • Made in the USA Smartphones, PCs, laptops, and servers that support a secure Linux based OS
  • A secure Linux based OS that supports secure apps and social media platforms for optimum end user security and privacy
  • Connected devices that support manual hardware kill switches to ensure cameras, microphones, and tracking sensors are actually turned off
  • Device schematics made available to customers by the device manufacturer to ensure full accountability, security, and privacy

Many people would be surprised to know that these products are being made available today by disruptive companies who understand the threats posed by the centralized internet and plus the threats posed by those who are controlling access to the internet today.

Since governments will not protect individuals or companies from these threats, capitalism will solve these issues for those who wish to decouple from the centralized internet as advanced AI proliferates.

One such company is San Francisco based Purism who had developed a private and secure Linux OS (open-source coding) called PureOS which supports, smartphones, laptop PCs, servers, and PCs manufactured by Purism, including some devices made in the USA.

Rex M. Lee is a privacy and Cybersecurity advisor, tech journalist and a senior tech/telecom industry analyst for BlackOps Partners, Washington, DC. Find more information at CyberTalkTV.com