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Clicking on “I Agree”: Why App Terms of Use Are A Privacy & Cybersecurity Threat!

Have you ever wondered what you are agreeing to when you click on "I Agree" to Accept The Terms & Conditions that support apps & platforms developed by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and other Developers? Tech Industry Insider Rex M. Lee exposes potentially illegal business practices associated with intrusive, addictive, & harmful apps supported by predatory & exploitive terms & conditions. 

This Video/Podcast exposes the fact that end users of apps are enslaved as uncompensated information producers working for tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon 24x7/365 a days a year. Losing privacy is bad enough but it is worse to be exploited for profits at the expense of your privacy and safety.

Watch the CyberTalk TV interview here on Vimeo: