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Digital Transformation, AI, and the Productivity Problem

Digital Transformation, AI, and the Productivity Problem

By Rob Enderle for COMPUTERWORLD

The age of generative AI comes with the promise that it will significantly increase productivity. I can certainly see the potential given I’m using a form of it writing this column and it is doing a decent job of anticipating the next word I intend to write. But I’m also noticing that to get the most from this feature, I need to hit the right arrow key, which slows me down considerably. So, I generally end up typing the entire word anyway because the keyboard I’m using doesn’t lend itself to making autocomplete work.

In a nutshell, rather than speeding up my writing (the promise), the impact on my productivity may be negative (the reality) because, when I do hit the arrow key, it breaks my typing flow and forces me to reposition my right hand. 

For this kind of AI tool to be a benefit, I’d need to not only modify my keyboard, I’d also need to retrain myself to use the correct arrow key rather than typing the complete word. (This could take a while, given I’ve been typing without doing this for around 55 years.)

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