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We Need a Hero — How to Find and Support Your Next Superstar Product Owner

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  • Speaker Duane Kenney Product Coach

    Duane is an Agile Product Coach that is passionate about helping teams delight their customers while maximizing value for the organization. He has a love for coaching & mentoring Product Owners that are new to working in an Agile environment. Duane has worked either as or with Product Owners for over 10 years, with teams and lines of business that range as large as 250 people to teams as small as 5 people. His ability to see the macro picture as well as dive to the micro level allow him to identify improvement opportunities as a complete system, solving for the whole rather than optimizing locally.

  • Speaker Devin Anderson Product Strategy Coach

    Devin Anderson has been Chief Product Officer and Head of Product at multiple companies. As a product management leader for the last 15+ years, he has delivered enterprise IT solutions in endpoint management, endpoint security, and asset management totaling over $1B in sales. As a strategic product coach for Cprime he helps organizations be more strategic with their product teams. He has coached and instructed companies across multiple market segments including security, hospitality, finance, government, software development, healthcare/pharma, education and many more.

  • Speaker Jerry Odenwelder Product Coach

    Jerry Odenwelder is a Cprime Product Coach and experienced software professional with a passion for solving business problems leveraging technology. Lean-Agile principles are core to who he is and Jerry takes a pragmatic approach to creating software; delivering value early and often. Over the years he has held various roles in startups and Fortune 500 companies. Jerry's experience spans the telecommunications, financial, insurance, transportation and software industries. Additionally, he has co-written articles for Cutter Consortium and spoken at conferences.

We Need a Hero — How to Find and Support Your Next Superstar Product Owner

Thursday, November 2nd I 1:00PM ET


A Product Owner serves as the bridge between the development team and stakeholders, steering the product’s vision and driving its success. An excellent product owner can elevate the entire product team. But how do you find the right person to take on this vital role?

Hiring external candidates with Product Owner expertise is an option, but many organizations overlook an often easier and more effective opportunity: to train or develop their internal employees for these crucial roles.

Upskilling your existing product professionals can be the most time- and cost-effective option. Plus, they offer in-depth domain knowledge—specific to your unique organization—no outside hire can match.

By the end of the webinar you will know:

  • How to identify existing employees that have the mindset and institutional knowledge to successfully fill the Product Owner role
  • How to determine what skills the new Product Owner needs to learn through a focused gap analysis
  • How to create an environment that encourages continuous learning so that they can grow into the role and help you and your team deliver great products over time