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The Great Convergence: Bridging the Gap Between Identity and App Governance

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Speaker Nabeel Nizar EVP Advisory Services

An acknowledged expert in Identity Access Management. He has been an identity and security specialist for most of his career, working with companies like Novell/OpenText, Saviynt, Legion Star. Over the course of his career, Nabeel has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies develop Identity and Security strategies, enabling best practice information security processes at the speed of business. After a successful tenure in the world of enterprise software, Nabeel now brings his knowledge and expertise of IAM, Cloud and Application Security to MajorKey.

The Great Convergence: Bridging the Gap Between Identity and App Governance

Wednesday, June 12th  I  2:00 PM EST


It’s no secret that the identity market is rapidly converging – just take a look at the recent Delinea/FastPath, SailPoint/ERP Maestro, and Netwrix/StrongPoint acquisitions.

As identity platforms expand into Application Governance, it is important for organizations to come together across traditionally siloed teams and optimize the platform across business services. 

In this webinar, we’ll outline how the Identity and Application Governance vendor landscape is evolving, strategies for managing the converging platforms, and more.

What we’ll cover:

  • Evolution of the vendor landscape as Identity solutions converge with Application Governance
  • Best practices for extending your Identity solution’s SoD framework to your ERP
  • How SoDs are going beyond ERP and into the cloud with OT controls
  • The inevitable- Role Remediation programs for your run-away ERP roles
  • The convergence of Application Governance with Privileged Access Management