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Revolutionizing Automotive Digital Transformations

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  • Speaker Rod Morrison Head of Enterprise Technology & Financial Management, EMEA, Cprime

    Rod Morrison has a background in leadership and change management and has supported numerous hardware and software transformations whilst converting strategy to delivery and maintaining focus on the flow of value. At Cprime, Rod has excelled in leading enterprise transformations, specifically using Scaled Agile via the delivery of high quality digital and blended Agile coaching, tooling and product solutions.

  • Speaker Daniel Woordward Solutions Consultant, EMEA, Apptio Targetprocess

    As a seasoned software and digital media professional, Daniel brings a potent mix of technical acumen and strategic vision. His expertise in cutting-edge areas like AI and machine learning, and strategy execution empowers him to deliver innovative solutions to clients. His areas of expertise include strategy management, OKRs, machine learning, anomaly detection, root-cause analysis, CXM, messaging, social media, broadcast media, sales, business analysis, product demonstration, training, implementation, workflow, and consultancy.

Revolutionizing Automotive Digital Transformations: Unleashing Enterprise Technology and Financial Management for Unrivaled Business Impact

Tuesday, June 25  I  12PM ET


Digital transformation is crucial in the automotive industry, but many organizations struggle to fully leverage agile frameworks to address challenges like complex supply chains, vast vehicle data management, and global collaboration. The key to success lies in adopting Enterprise Technology and Financial Management (ETFM) – a game-changing approach that brings together strategic portfolio management (SPM) and labor financial management (LFM) to bridge the gap between digital transformation efforts and deliver measurable business outcomes.

In this compelling webinar, automotive digital transformation expert Rod Morrison, Head of ETFM - EMEA, will reveal how integrating ETFM and cutting-edge tools creates a powerful, end-to-end enterprise solution. Real-world case studies will showcase how industry leaders have harnessed ETFM to streamline operations, accelerate innovation, and drive successGain access to best practices and strategies tailored to the automotive industry, empowering you to achieve remarkable results – from faster time-to-market to superior vehicle software quality. Discover how ETFM can revolutionize your digital transformation journey and propel your organization to the forefront of the automotive world.

Key Learnings:

  • Uncover ETFM's pivotal role in conquering automotive-specific challenges.
  • Explore advanced tools for financial, resource, and strategic portfolio management that drive automotive success.
  • Dive into case studies showcasing automotive companies that have successfully implemented ETFM.
  • Gain insights into the measurable benefits of embracing ETFM in the automotive industry.