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Maximizing Value, Showcasing Success, and Future-Proofing Your Identity Program

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1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT

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Speaker Nabeel Nizar EVP Advisory Services

An acknowledged expert in Identity Access Management. He has been an identity and security specialist for most of his career, working with companies like Novell/OpenText, Saviynt and Legion Star. Over the course of his career, Nabeel has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies develop Identity and Security strategies, enabling best practice information security processes at the speed of business. After a successful tenure in the world of enterprise software, Nabeel now brings his knowledge and expertise of IAM, Cloud and Application Security to MajorKey.

Maximizing Value, Showcasing Success, and Future-Proofing Your Identity Program

Tuesday, March 26th I 1:00 PM CST


Have you ever asked yourself:

  • Am I getting the maximum value from my identity program?
  • Is it meeting my Governance and Audit objectives?
  • How can I measure the success of my identity program for my leadership team?
  • How do I protect my identity program from future disruptions?
  • What can I do next to make my identity program more “integrated” across my hybrid enterprise?

Now more than ever, technology leaders are tasked with accomplishing more with less, and that’s especially true for identity programs. In today’s business climate of budget cuts, it’s vital to ensure that you are maximizing the value of your identity program while setting up the program to clearly showcase its value to company leadership.

In this webinar, we’ll walk through methods for ensuring that you receive the full value from an identity program while future-proofing your program for future market changes to avoid disruptions.

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

  1. Five ways to drive more value out of your identity program
  2. The right approach to avoid pitfalls, achieve faster time to value and improve business performance around compliance
  3. Success metrics for your leadership team that will boost your budget
  4. How to future-proof your program in the overall ‘converged’ Identity market
  5. New challenges and disruptors to the Identity landscape
  6. Market outlook for Identity vendors and their solutions


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