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Mastering quote to cash: a blueprint for b2b subscription success

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  • Speaker Sayer Martin, CFA Senior Director of Product Management

    Sayer is a mission-driven leader who thrives on working with smarter people, building teams, and establishing clear direction in pursuit of business outcomes. With a growth mindset and generalist perspective, he has experience in setting business strategy, deep market research, resource allocation, product management, marketing, sales, and software engineering. He serves as Senior Director of Product Management for Conga, and is the former Chief Operations Officer and Co-Chief Technology Officer for Orchestrate LLC, which was acquired by Conga in March 2018. Sayer is a private pilot and in his spare time enjoys spending time with his talented wife and two beautiful daughters and serving in volunteer efforts.

  • Speaker Vincent Benoit-Marquie Sr. Principal, Strategy & Transformation

    Vincent Benoit-Marquié joined Conga in 2018 and currently serves as a Director of Sales Engineering, bringing his 12 years of CPQ expertise to the market. Having worked with four different CPQ vendors, including IBM Sterling CPQ, PROS CPQ, Model N CPQ, and now Conga, Vincent has gained a deep understanding of the solution’s best practices and nuances. In his current role, he focuses on helping companies achieve meaningful outcomes throughout their revenue lifecycle. He holds a degree from Edinburgh University in Britain.

Mastering quote to cash: a blueprint for b2b subscription success

Wednesday, December 20th  I  11:00 AM EST


If your company is considering implementing a subscription model in your business, you're likely facing challenges as an IT team. Not only is there complexity in dealing with various pricing models and configuring orders, but you also require precise billing accuracy. Effectively managing subscriptions is a multifaceted challenge that hinges on having the right processes and technology. 

Join us as we unravel the intricacies of the subscription revenue lifecycle and demonstrate how its seamless execution can be a game-changer for your bottom line. From accurate quoting and pricing that drives more profitable sales to streamlined billing schedule generation and invoicing, we will explore proven processes to enhance operational efficiency and improve the customer experience.