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Leadership Skills for Tech

Apr 07, 2022
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST
Speaker Greg Fuller Senior Director of Tech & Dev Content

Leadership Skills for Tech: A Virtual BBQ & Bourbon Event

Thursday, April 7th | 2PM ET


Your team is naturally inclined to develop new technical competencies. After all, their natural curiosity and technical aptitude attracted them to the industry. Unfortunately, technical skills alone won’t optimize organizational performance. Great technical teams, also need strong leadership skills including project management, communication, empathy, goal setting and more. The most effective leadership development programs take a personalized approach to coordinate the needs of leaders, and the priorities of the organization as a whole. In this session, we’ll explore modern IT leader demands, and share a roadmap for developing skills that last.

They call the Big Green Egg the ultimate cooking experience, and we feel that the best experiences should be shared. Join us for a virtual Bourbon and BBQ tutorial where we guide you through the intricacies of not only how to taste American whiskey, but also how to barbecue like a pit-master in your own backyard. 

Attendees must stay for the duration of the event to be included in the raffle immediately following the last presentation. We will be raffling off a Big Green Egg. The winner will be announced at the end of the event.

Speaker: Greg Fuller

Greg Fuller is Senior Director of Tech&Dev Content at Skillsoft, where he leads Skillsoft’s Tech&Dev content strategic direction and overall content development. He has more than 20 years of mentoring, leading, and directing various content development teams and has worked closely with customers to help design their upskilling initiatives. Greg is also a lifelong learner and acquired several vendor certifications throughout his career at Skillsoft. 

Greg began his career in the world of finance after receiving his Bachelors of Business Administration with specializations in Accounting and Economics from the University of New Brunswick. After acquiring a passion for technology, he took a post-graduate degree in IT and, from there, began his career with Skillsoft. In Greg’s 20+ year career with Skillsoft, he has been involved in tens of thousands of hours of content development; all focused on tech skills. Along the way, Greg has acquired several technical certifications such as PMP, CISSP, Oracle OCP, Cisco CCNP, and many others. Greg has applied much of the knowledge that he’s acquired working closely with several Fortune 500 companies to help build their upskilling programs. Currently, Greg  lives in Hanwell, New Brunswick, Canada, with his wife.

Whisk(e)y Ambassador, Richard Beeson

Your Whisk(e)y Ambassador for the tasting, Richard Beeson, has traveled to Ireland, Mexico, Germany, and throughout the US to study distillation and brewing. After making the switch from the restaurant industry to the distribution world in 2013, Richard worked with the new wave of Irish craft distillers breaking into the US market, Scotch whisky importers with unique bottlings, as well as US distilleries looking to capitalize on what became a global boom. In 2017 he opened his own small whisk(e)y pub in his hometown of Lowell, Massachusetts, The Keep, which boasts one of the largest and most diverse selections of whisk(e)y in the state.

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