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Get unmatched Performance for Oracle databases on AWS EC2 Instance Store via SLOB

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1:00 PM - 2:00 PM PT

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Speaker Sagy Volkov Distinguished Performance Architect

Get unmatched Performance for Oracle databases on AWS EC2 Instance Store via SLOB

Tuesday, June 13th | 1PM PT/ 4PM ET


Blazing fast performance, consistent low latency, predictable low cost for Oracle workloads. Sound interesting to you? That’s what you get when you run your Oracle DB on AWS with Lightbits.

In the last few years, more organizations are modernizing their traditional databases by moving them to the cloud. Most enter 2023 with a cloud-first strategy, intending to move their tier 1 applications to the cloud–and one of the main applications is Oracle databases. Making the switch to AWS for Oracle without compromising performance, latency, and simplicity is achievable using Lightbits.

Lightbits is a SAN on AWS, giving you the rich enterprise data services, ease of use, and centralized management of the storage layer that you’ve come to appreciate with your on-premises SAN. But you get all that with predictable low cost at scale.

Lightbits makes Oracle on AWS better than ever.

In this webinar Sagy Volkov, distinguished performance architect at Lightbits, and Boni Bruno, WW lead architect for data analytics and storage solutions at AWS, team up to discuss the benefits of using Lightbits on AWS for Oracle workloads.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How Lightbits delivers unmatched performance on AWS for Oracle workloads
  • How Lightbits dramatically simplifies storage management for Oracle on AWS
  • How you can grow your storage for Oracle and compute database instances independently

Discover how easy and cost-efficient it is to get your Oracle workloads up and running on AWS using Lightbits!