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Entrenamiento de concientización en Seguridad

On demand

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Speaker Rafael Peruch Sales Engineer

Security Awareness Training

Thursday, March 14th I 11:00 a. m. CST


In today's digital landscape, where email filters have an average error rate of 7 to 10%, a robust human firewall serves as the last line of defense. Discover how KnowBe4's solutions can strengthen your security posture and empower your workforce to recognize and combat cyber threats effectively.

During the demonstration, you'll gain insights into three exciting new features:

NEW! Callback Phishing: Evaluate the likelihood of users calling an unknown phone number provided in an email and sharing confidential information.

NEW! Content Manager: Easily customize training content preferences, including branding, adjustable approval scores, quizzes, and more.

NEW! 2023 Phish-proneTM Benchmark: Compare your phishing percentage with industry peers to gauge your organization's security awareness.

Furthermore, our executive reports facilitate the creation, customization, and delivery of advanced executive-level reports. Explore fully automated user provisioning and onboarding processes and learn how over 65,000 organizations have mobilized their end-users as a human firewall.

As an added bonus, attendees will have the chance to participate in a raffle for a $500 Visa gift card. To qualify, please ensure your attendance for the duration of the event.

Don't miss this valuable opportunity to enhance your understanding of security threats and fortify your defenses. Register today!