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AI You Can Trust: Ensuring Success with Data Integrity

Jul 24, 2024
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM ET

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  • Speaker Tendü Yogurtçu, PhD Chief Technology Officer

    Tendü Yogurtçu, Ph.D., is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Precisely. In this role, she directs the company’s technology strategy and innovation, leading all product research, and development programs. Prior to becoming Chief Technology Officer, Tendü served as General Manager of Big Data for Syncsort, the precursor to Precisely, leading the global software business for Data Integration, Hadoop, and Cloud. She previously held several engineering leadership roles at the company, directing the development of the Integrate family of products. Tendü has over 25 years of software industry experience, with a focus on Big Data and Cloud technologies. She has also spent time in academics, working as a Computer Science Adjunct Faculty Member at Stevens Institute of Technology.

  • Speaker Antonio Cotroneo Director, Product Marketing

    Antonio Cotroneo is a Director of Product Marketing at Precisely, focusing on the Data Integrity Suite, Location Intelligence, Data Integration, and Data products. He has spent his career helping people worldwide maximize their data, technology, and analyses to make critical decisions for their customers and communities. He lives in Charlotte, NC, with his wife and two children.

  • Speaker Sanjeev Mohan Principal, SanjMo

    Sanjeev Mohan is an established thought leader in the areas of cloud, modern data architectures, analytics, and AI. He researches and advises on changing trends and technologies and is the author of Data Product for Dummies. Until recently, he was a Gartner vice president known for his prolific and detailed researchwhile directing the research direction for data and analytics. He has been a principal at SanjMo for over two years where he provides technical advisory to elevate category and brand awareness. He has helped several clients in areas like data governance, generative AI, DataOps, data products, and observability. He regularly presents on topics pertaining to end-to-end data pipelines and helps businesses maximize their data assets.

  • Speaker Ayan Ray Senior Solution Architect, Amazon Web Services

    Ayan Ray is a Senior Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS), renowned for his Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics expertise. With a focus on fostering collaborative technology strategies, Ayan collaborates closely with AWS's strategic partners to enhance customer success. Before his tenure at AWS, Ayan held leadership roles at an Artificial Intelligence company, shaping innovative solutions and driving advancements in the field.

AI You Can Trust: Ensuring Success with Data Integrity

Wednesday, July 24  I  4:00 PM ET


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a strategic imperative in a rapidly evolving business landscape. However, the rush to embrace AI comes with risks, as illustrated by instances of AI-generated content with fake citations and potentially dangerous recommendations. The critical factor underpinning trustworthy AI is data integrity, ensuring data is accurate, consistent, and full of rich context. 

Attend our upcoming webinar, "AI You Can Trust:  Ensuring Success with Data Integrity," as we explore organizational challenges in maintaining data integrity for AI applications and real-world use cases showcasing the transformative impact of high-integrity data on AI success.  

During this panel discussion, we'll highlight everything from personalized recommendations and AI-powered workflows to machine learning applications and innovative AI assistants. 

Key Topics: 
1. AI Use Cases with Data Integrity: Discover how data integrity shapes the success of AI applications through six compelling use cases. 

2. Solving AI Challenges: Uncover practical solutions to common AI challenges such as bias, unreliable results, lack of contextual relevance, and inadequate data security. 

3. Three Considerations of Data Integrity for AI: Learn the essential pillars—complete, trusted, and contextual—that underpin data integrity for AI success. 

4. Precisely and AWS Partnership: Explore how the collaboration between Precisely and Amazon Web Services (AWS) addresses these challenges and empowers organizations to achieve AI-ready data. 

Join our panelists to unlock the full potential of AI by starting your data integrity journey today. Trust in AI begins with trusted data – let's future-proof your AI together. Less Bias. More Accurate. Relevant Outcomes.