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Accelerate Success With Powerful Headless Storefronts

Nov 10, 2022
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST
  • Speaker Dave Haas Managing Delivery Architect

    Dave is a web application developer, technical team leader, solutions architect, technical strategist, people manager, practice builder, teacher, and lifetime student, with over 15 years of experience working as an eCommerce consultant. Dave is the Lead Architect for Capgemini’s Salesforce Composable Storefront Accelerator.

  • Speaker Brian Wolfe Vice President Commercial Commerce Practice

    Brian has 29 Years of experience with Technology and Consulting Services across Commerce, ERP, Software Development, Virtualization, Networking, Security, and Storage. As Vice President of Commerce for Capgemini Brian leads the Commercial Commerce Practice which includes implementation and managed services for Salesforce Commerce, Order Management, Marketing Cloud and Adobe Commerce.

  • Speaker Alison Williams Director Solutions Engineering, North America

    Alison is an eCommerce veteran who has been in the industry 10+ years working with hundreds of brands and retailers across all major verticals, helping build, solution, and deliver complex architectures and meaningful site experiences. She is passionate about digital trends and customer experience. She has led digital transformations and commerce implementations across countless Fashion and Retail Brands as a Functional Architect as Salesforce.

Capgemini and Amplience help you deliver innovative experiences with Salesforce Composable Storefront.

As customer expectations are changing, retailers are challenged to deliver seamless, connected, stand-out digital shopping experiences.

Headless – or composable – commerce is powering these experiences today, but what does this approach mean for retailers and their teams?

Join Capgemini and Amplience on Nov. 10th at 2 pm ET/11 am PT to discover how your brand can launch hyper-personalized commerce experiences on industry-leading Salesforce Commerce Cloud in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost.

Our panel of experts will introduce a new offer developed by Capgemini , the Capgemini Salesforce Composable Storefront Accelerator. This accelerator is a headless reference framework, pre-integrated with Amplience that enables eCommerce teams to take full control over the storefront experience, giving them the freedom to drive improvements in customer engagement and sales.

With the Capgemini Salesforce Composable Storefront Accelerator, retailers can create a more flexible trusted platform that helps:

  • Shorten time-to-value and lower total cost of ownership
  • Marketers test and launch site changes quickly to support campaigns and promotions
  • Increase overall sales, conversions and basket size across all channels, devices and locales

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