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3 Strategies to hit your holiday sales for retailers

Oct 20, 2021
12:00 PM - 12:00 PM
  • Speaker Steve Harris RVP Enterprise Sales

  • Speaker Martha O’Byrne-O’Reilly Head of Messaging Developer Partnerships | Facebook

  • Speaker Perri Maxwell Director of Product Marketing | Ada

  • Speaker Ciera Nahale Retail Solutions PMM

3 Strategies to hit your holiday sales for retailers


Tactics to exceed sales targets while avoiding the scramble to hire seasonal headcount. 

It’s time to rethink both digital and in-store sales.

74% of retailers report that they’ve looked for new ways to engage customers.

A lot changed in 2020, consumers’ behavior included. Not only did customers reach out to retailers in record numbers, but many also chose to do so in the very same ways that they communicate in their personal lives.

Many retailers are now scrambling to effectively serve consumers through other channels. Hear insights from experts in live chat, social media, and support on how retailers can digitally enhance their customer experience and directly impact revenue targets. 

We’ll dig into the challenges of the changing landscape and share solutions for retailers including:

  • How to avoid hiring seasonal headcount
  • If adding chatbots and social media channels are right for your audience
  • How to create scalable conversational experiences
  • Strategies for building brand loyalty through digital channels



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