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2022 Phishing By Industry Benchmarking Report

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1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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  • Speaker Perry Carpenter Chief Evangelist and Strategy Officer

    Perry Carpenter is the Chief Evangelist and Strategy Officer at KnowBe4 and the author of, "Transformational Security Awareness: What Neuroscientists, Storytellers, and Marketers Can Teach Us About Driving Secure Behaviors" and coauthor of "The Security Culture Playbook: An Executive Guide To Reducing Risk and Developing Your Human Defense Layer". He is also the creator and host of the "8th Layer Insights" podcast.

  • Speaker Joanna Huisman Senior Vice President of Strategic Insights and Research

    Joanna Huisman is Senior Vice President of Strategic Insights and Research at KnowBe4. She is a marketing, training and communications professional with over 20 years of experience in strategic, internal and customer-facing engagements in the financial services/tech industries with added experience in sales, operations and organizational development.

Security, Strategy & Evolving Threats: What You Need to Know 

2022 Phishing By Industry Benchmarking Report




Whether you're in retail, financial, technology or any other industry dependent upon its IT infrastructure, threats to security can be the thing that keeps you awake at night. Even the top companies in each of these industries has been a victim to cybercrime -- at a cost of millions of dollars. Learn how your industry measures up and the most effective strategies to stay ahead of the fast-evolving phishing tactics that pose a constant threat to your business.

Find out what it takes to keep your company safe in this definitive report: 2022 Phishing by Industry Benchmarking Report. 

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In this webinar Perry Carpenter, KnowBe4's Chief Evangelist and Strategy Officer, and Joanna Huisman, KnowBe4's Senior Vice President of Strategic Insights and Research, review our 2022 Phishing By Industry Benchmarking Study, a data set of 9.5 million users across 30,173 organizations. 

You will learn more about: 

  • New phishing benchmark data for 19 industries 
  • Understanding who’s at risk and what you can do about it 
  • Actionable tips to create your “human firewall” 
  • The value of new-school security awareness training 

Do you know how your organization compares to your peers? Watch this webinar to find out! 

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