Top Reasons for Considering NVMe-based Storage

Duration: 60 Minutes

Clay Ryder

Clay, our speaker, has over twenty-five years of experience in the enterprise storage industry, building business momentum through strategic marketing and analyst relations. Before assuming his current role at Western Digital, Clay led analyst relations for the Data Center Systems BU of WD/HGST/SanDisk. Previously, he was head of analyst relations at Violin Memory. Clay also spent several years as a marketing consultant at NetApp specializing in Microsoft-based solutions. Prior to his marketing roles, Clay held executive positions in multiple industry analyst firms including The Sageza Group, Zona Research, and The X Business Group. At the beginning of his career, Clay worked as a software developer and training engineer at ABB.

Top Reasons for Considering NVMe-based Storage

Is the latent value of your vast data resources being fully leveraged for your maximum success? Odds are, it’s probably not. Ironically, the growth and commercial success you are experiencing due to your data infrastructure, may grind it to a halt, unable to support the burgeoning info glut. “But, how can this be?” you may ask. The answer is simple, your digital business deserves better storage.

Join us for this webinar where we will explore the top reasons you should considering deploying NVMe-based storage in your enterprise. You’ll learn how NVMe can not only shift the current data bottleneck, but eliminate it all together while laying the groundwork for a future of highly-decentralized high-performance storage. More importantly, we’ll look beyond the speeds and feeds to envision how NVMe can act as a change agent to drive innovation and success in your business. Discover how NVMe can unlock the latent value of your data by delivering data to your fingertips while changing the fundamental economics of your storage and retrieval of data forever.

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