Virtual Wine Event

Okta Private Wine Event

Duration: 60 Minutes

Sami Laine

Director of Technology Strategy

Rachel DeAmbrose

James Beard Award Winning Sommelier

Zero Trusts Given: Identity as the Perimeter

Wednesday, December 9, 2020 | 3:30 p.m. PT


The adoption of mobile and cloud means that we can no longer have a network perimeter-centric view of security. Instead, we need to securely enable access for various users – employees, partners, contractors, etc. – regardless of their location, device or network.

The Zero Trust Security approach ensures the right people have the right level of access, to the right resources, in the right context, and that access is assessed continuously — all without adding friction for the user. That Zero Trust nirvana doesn’t happen overnight.

Speaker: Sami Laine, Director of Technology Strategy

Sami Laine is Director of Technology Strategy at Okta. For the last couple of decades Sami has helped many of the world's largest enterprises, financial institutions and public sector organizations protect against fraud, malware, threats and data breaches and now at Okta helps companies embrace identity as the new security perimeter.

Join us after the presentations as we pop a bottle of the vintage chosen by sommelier, Rachel DeAmbrose, who will provide a brief tasting on the wine you’ll receive as a “thank you” for attending the event. Be sure to provide the best address to send your wine on the registration form.

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