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Okta Exclusive Whisk(e)y Event

Duration: 60 Minutes

Albert Roux

VP of Fraud Management at Onfido

Best Practices – Frictionless Customer Experience across ID Proofing, User Consent and Identity Authentication

Tuesday April 27 | 3:00 PM ET


In today’s world, everyone is engaging with companies digitally, to buy, schedule, entertain, and more. The online experience has become center stage when engaging with consumers. Industry experts at Okta, OneTrust and Onfido will discuss the importance of building trust across the modern customer journey, as you engage with your consumers to know who they are, gather their consent, and provide them access to your business.


Alex Cash

PreferenceChoice Offering Lead at OneTrust

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Best practices to limit friction with your customers and build their trust
  • Why government regulations (i.e. CCPA and GDPR) are driving a better customer experience
  • What technology organizations are investing in to reach their customers, no matter where they are

Adam Crown

Group Product Marketing Manager at Okta

Following the discussion Richard Beeson, Whisk(e)y Ambassador, will lead a complimentary blind whisk(e)y tasting along with trivia and a chance to win a full size bottle of the winning whisk(e)y.


Richard Beeson, Whisk(e)y Ambassador

Richard has built a reputation as a spirits and beer expert in the restaurant and distribution industry over the past fifteen years. He has been involved in importing both Irish whiskey and Scotch whisky and expanding distribution of Kentucky Bourbon whiskey in the Northeast region. He started his career tending bar in the pubs of the Boston area and worked to cultivate a dedicated whisk(e)y selection and following as he has moved from the restaurant industry to distribution.

Your Whisk(e)y Ambassador for the tasting, Richard Beeson, has traveled to Ireland, Mexico, Germany, and throughout the US to study distillation and brewing. After making the switch from the restaurant industry to the distribution world in 2013, Richard worked with the new wave of Irish craft distillers to break into the US market, as well as Scotch whisky importers with unique bottlings, and small to large US distilleries looking to capitalize on what became a global boom.

In 2017 he opened his own small whisk(e)y pub in his hometown of Lowell, Massachusetts. The Keep boasts one of the largest and most diverse selections of whisk(e)y in the state. You can find Richard there most nights, finicking over new bottles and searching for the next interesting dram of what is known as “the water of life.”

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