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Magenic Chicago

October 23, 2018

Chicago, IL

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Wine dinners are exclusive and by invitation only for senior level management in Finance, HR, Sales, Marketing and IT.

Blockchain for the Enterprise – Beyond Cryptocurrencies

While cryptocurrencies take most of the hype, Blockchain technology has the potential to offer a new way for enterprises and customers to interact. Leaders are under pressure to help guide discussions on how this emerging technology could play a part in transforming their businesses, but because Enterprise Blockchain is still early on the adoption curve, there are many questions yet to be answered. Join Magenic and your peers as we discuss the current state of Enterprise Blockchain, challenges to be mindful of, and how to decide on an implementation that best aligns with your business.

Magenic Host: Mark Castiglioni, Client Solution Manager

Mark is a technology professional with over fifteen years of experience in the design and implementation of enterprise solutions for clients. He is a Client Solution Manager within Magenic and specializes in early stage envisioning, design and planning for mission critical technology products with our clients. Mark has been an evangelist and technology strategist for blockchain solutions for the last three years within Magenic. He takes a pragmatic approach to aligning blockchain methodologies and products to solve real world client scenarios while seeking to eliminate the hype of the technology and working with clients to get beyond the technology concerns and challenges towards enabling business understanding and adoption.

About Magenic

Magenic is a digital technology-consulting firm that helps get your digital products to market faster. Magenic has the right strategy, the right process, and the right people to deliver your digital products with unmatched quality and speed.

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and how to decide on an implementation that best aligns with your business.


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