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Conference Track 3:
Models & Platforms

Track 3: Models & Platforms

Since the first foundation models were released in 2018, a common belief was that more extensive training data and models with more parameters would be more performant and move the AI market toward "artificial general intelligence." Resource-rich tech companies developed the first foundation models for use in their own proprietary offerings. In late 2022, the open-source community began releasing a myriad of foundation models, which have been proliferating into 2023. The current foundation model market is a mix of proprietary and open-source models covering a range of model types, including language, image, audio, music, code, video, 3D, bio-molecular structures, and industry-specific models. This track will cover these models in more detail – as well as the highlighting the architecture for the platforms that need to be put in place to train, tune and deploy them. 

Key Themes:

  1. Artistic Expression with GenAI: Immerse yourself in the world of AI-generated art, music, literature, and design. Explore how GenAI models redefine the creative process, enabling artists and creators to push the boundaries of imagination.
  2. AI in Entertainment: Discover how GenAI models are reshaping the entertainment industry, from AI-generated movie scripts and characters to interactive storytelling and immersive experiences.
  3. Content Generation and Marketing: Explore how AI models are transforming content creation, marketing campaigns, and audience engagement through personalized, data-driven content.
  4. AI for Design and Innovation: Witness the fusion of AI with design and innovation. Learn how GenAI models spark innovation in product design, architecture, and fashion.
  5. AI-Infused Education: Explore the role of GenAI models in personalized and adaptive learning experiences, creating custom educational content, and enhancing teacher support systems.
  6. AI and Creative Collaboration: Dive into collaborative AI models that enable humans and machines to co-create, innovate, and amplify each other's capabilities.
  7. AI Ethics and Creativity: Address the ethical dimensions of AI-generated content, including ownership, authenticity, and responsible use in creative industries.
  8. Future of GenAI Models: Get a glimpse into the future of GenAI-infused models, from advancements in technology to emerging applications and industry disruptions.

Who Should Attend:

  • Artists, writers, and creative professionals
  • Entertainment industry leaders and innovators
  • Marketers and content creators
  • Designers and architects
  • Educators and EdTech enthusiasts
  • AI developers and researchers
  • AI ethicists and policy experts
  • Anyone passionate about the creative potential of AI

Join us in the Models & Platforms track to explore how AI is redefining creativity, opening new avenues for innovation, and reshaping industries that rely on imagination and artistic expression. Together, we'll unlock the limitless possibilities of GenAI models in the world of art, culture, and innovation.