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Conference Track 2:
AI-Ready Infrastructure

Track 2: AI-Ready Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the most underestimated nonetheless critical component of any AI initiative. IDC finds that most AI projects fail or deliver subpar outcomes because of lack of planning or inadequate investments in optimized and fit-for-purpose infrastructure stacks for AI and Generative AI. This track will focus on how tech organizations can plan to succeed with their AI initiatives with their infrastructure investments.

Key Themes:

  1. AI-Driven Technology Operations: Explore how AI transforms the management and operation of tech infrastructure. Dive into AI-based predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, and autonomous problem resolution.
  2. AI-Powered Network Management: Witness the future of networking as AI optimizes network performance, automates network provisioning, and secures dynamic, cloud-based infrastructures.
  3. Data Center Automation with AI: Discover how AI streamlines data center operations, from workload orchestration and resource allocation to energy efficiency and fault prediction.
  4. AI in Cloud Computing: Delve into AI's pivotal role in enhancing cloud services, including resource allocation, cost optimization, and security in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
  5. Infrastructure Security with AI: Learn about AI's contribution to bolstering tech infrastructure security. Explore advanced threat detection, behavioral analytics, and automated incident response systems.
  6. AI-Infused DevOps: Uncover the synergy between AI and DevOps for faster and more reliable application development, continuous integration, and deployment.
  7. AI and Edge Computing: Navigate the frontier of edge computing, powered by AI. Explore real-time processing, AI at the edge, and edge infrastructure management.
  8. AI-Optimized Storage Solutions: Explore how AI enhances storage infrastructure with intelligent data placement, tiering, and predictive analytics.

Who Should Attend:

  • Technology professionals and administrators
  • CIOs, CTOs, and technology executives
  • Network and system architects
  • Cloud architects and engineers
  • Data center managers and operators
  • DevOps practitioners
  • Cybersecurity experts
  • Edge computing enthusiasts
  • Storage infrastructure specialists

Join us in the AI-Ready Infrastructure track to embrace the future of technology infrastructure, where AI is the catalyst for innovation, efficiency, and resilience. Together, we'll chart the course for a smarter, more responsive, and highly optimized IT landscape.