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Champagne & Caviar, New York

The Russian Tea Room

Jun 19, 2024
New York NY
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM ET
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Champagne & Caviar in New York

Wednesday, June 19 | 5:30PM


There may be no finer pairing, no better way to luxuriate in your senses, than a champagne & caviar experience. Pair the pairing-to-end-all-pairings with the most cutting edge IT innovation? Et voila... you have a TechTalk Champagne & Caviar event.

This exclusive debut event, open to a select group of executive-level attendees, features CaviAIR Sturgeon Extra Fancy, “…the boldest of Caviar our collection. This Sturgeon egg is jet black and packs more of a salinic punch... Meant to resemble the olden days of caviar, you can taste the salty sea in every oversized pearl.”

Sommelier Rachel DeAmbrose has chosen the perfect champagne to pair with the black pearls and tasty accompaniments. Premium champagne & caviar stations will be set up in the venue. Rachel, alongside the chef, will engage attendees in a discussion around the pairings. 

Presentations by technology leaders at the forefront of their sectors – innovators you need to know to stay ahead of the curve – will be interspersed throughout the event.


The Russian Tea Room founded in 1926 by the Russian Imperial Ballet, is a legendary cultural hub in Manhattan. It has hosted luminaries from various fields and remains an iconic landmark. Today, it continues to charm guests with its art-deco décor, fine dining, high tea and a diverse vodka selection. Over the decades, this establishment has stood as a beacon of refined indulgence and timeless sophistication. 


 Register today to reserve your seat as this event is limited to a strict number of attendees.

The Russian Tea Room, 150 W 57th St New York NY 10019


Time Title Description
5:30 pm Event begins
6:00 pm Rimini Street Rimini Street, Inc. (Nasdaq: RMNI), a Russell 2000...
6:15 pm Snaplogic SnapLogic is the leader in Generative Integration....
6:30 pm Akamai Akamai is building a massively distributed cloud c...