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8X8 Dinner: Strategies for Elevating the Business Impact of Your Contact Center Team

Truffle Restaurant

On demand
San Diego CA
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM PT

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Strategies for Elevating the Business Impact of Your Contact Center Team 

Tuesday, February 27th I 5:30 PM


We all know that contact center leadership is a tight-rope walk of balancing the needs of your customers, your employees, and your business stakeholders. But, for all too many, this leads down a path of conversations focused purely on things like cost reduction, NPS scores, or quality assurance results. Are those really the best way to quantify the value of your contact center? Probably not.

Join 8x8's Justin Robbins, a globally recognized thought leader in customer experience, for dinner and an interactive discussion that explores the ways in which contact centers define and measure their success. We’ll walk through three levels of value in which every contact center can align their teams, and their organizations, to invest in and deliver successful outcomes. We’re getting real about the things that too often get in the way of contact centers achieving their goals, and collaborating on actionable ideas that you can bring back to your business and leverage to drive real change.

We will invite participants to exchange ideas on the following topics: 
- How to strike the right balance of AI, automation, and human-assisted customer interactions. 
- What are the most meaningful ways of defining and measuring contact center success? 
- How can you position the contact center's value to be better understood by stakeholders outside of the contact center? 
- In what ways are organizations successfully identifying and overcoming their barriers to success?


8x8 enables organizations to become faster, flatter, and more agile. With 8x8 XCaaS unifying UC and CC channels, organizations can now have contact center, voice, video, chat, and APIs all on one cloud communications platform.

Truffle Restaurant, 3021 University Ave San Diego CA 92104


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5:30 pm Registration, cocktails & networking
6:00 pm Strategies For Elevating the Business Impact of Your Contact Center Team 8x8, Inc. (NYSE: EGHT) is transforming the future ...
6:30 pm Dinner, cocktails & networking continues
8:30 pm Event Concludes