Automation in the New Normal: Rapid On/Offboarding of Workers Anywhere and on Any Device

Duration: 60 Minutes

Kelsey Nelson, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Kelsey Nelson is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Okta, leading workforce IT and security solutions, including getting beyond the buzzword of ‘Zero Trust’. Prior to joining Okta, she led product and business communications at tech startups varying from enterprise software to edtech to consumer music hardware, and prior to that taught secondary school history and English with Teach for America. Today she lives in San Francisco, though will always call Wisconsin home.

Automation in the New Normal: Rapid On/Offboarding of Workers Anywhere and on Any Device

Tuesday June 2, 1:00-2:00 PM CT

The rapid shift to remote, distributed workforces has forced IT professionals to quickly support new/expanded ways of working. In addition to extending access to resources and enhancing security from more locations and devices, IT now is challenged with rethinking already time-intensive onboarding and offboarding processes.

According to a recent survey of IT leaders, these manual efforts sap budgets and productivity, and increase your security gaps. Okta can help you reduce the burden on IT and provide more security. In this live webinar, we’ll talk about the benefits of automating onboarding and offboarding and how Okta Lifecycle Management can help streamline many of the manual processes that you likely have in place today.

Learn more about the benefits of:
1. Creating a single source of truth from multiple directories, and driving identity lifecycles from your HRIS, granting the right access automatically as they join and securely removing access in a timely manner as users leave.
2. Centralizing and automating lifecycle management across all apps on-premises and in the cloud.
3. Generating and exporting detailed reports on who has access to what.

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