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TechTalk Tuesday August

Aug 06, 2024
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET

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Speaker Mona Liddell Research Manager, Quantitative Analysis, CIO Executive Research

Mona Liddell is a Research Manager for IDC’s CIO Executive Research team. She is responsible for leading the creation, analysis, and delivery of quantitative-based research and related marketing content for business and technology leaders. This research provides guidance on how to leverage technology to achieve innovative and disruptive business outcomes. Mona has over ten years of experience using data to drive actionable insights and recommendations. Prior to joining IDC, Mona served as a market insights advisor for the IBM infrastructure team. She led large-scale primary research studies and advised the IBM Systems and IBM Cloud teams and executive leadership on strategy, market dynamics and trends, and competitors.

“What a pleasure to attend this event to learn about emerging tech trends, including generative AI, and how they might affect the digital landscape in the future."

– Rakesh Reddy, DirectTV, Chief Digital Officer

TechTalk Tuesday: Embracing the Disruptive Force of Technology Innovation

Tuesday, August 6 | 2:00-4:00 PM ET


Working with technology, you are certainly familiar with “first-mover advantage.” So many trends that we have watched for years are coalescing – the digitization of business processes, the criticality of digital leadership within our organizations, and the governance imperative to brief the C-suite and the board of directors regarding an organization’s state of digital readiness. Now the emergence of AI as a business imperative is driving yet another major iteration of new technology imperatives.

Join us as we explore both the leadership and technology landscapes, and provide useful operational guidance for seizing the opportunities for integrating machine learning, maturing our cloud capabilities, data management, and C-suite participation; and the rising challenges before us including the talent gaps, the never-ending security gaps, and the disconnected technology initiatives across many of our organizations.   

You’ll get the full benefits of TechTalk networking while keeping current on the ever changing technology ecosystem. Meet and speak with our sponsors, the innovators who are leading the way in digital transformation of the enterprise. Get specific information for your applications and arrange follow-up.

Our research partners at IDC are constantly working to bring current, relevant analysis that CIOs need. Join the conversation to ensure that your organization has the competitive advantage that is that enabled by an agile technology strategy.