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  • Speaker Niel Nickolaisen Adjunct Research Advisor, IT Executive Programs at IDC

    Niel is an Adjunct Research Advisor and IT Executive Program at IDC. He is considered a thought leader in the use of Agile principles to improve IT delivery. And he has a passion for helping others deliver on what he considers to be the three roles of IT leadership: enabling strategy, achieving operational excellence, and creating a culture of trust and ownership.

  • Speaker Romy Ricafort Senior Director, Sales Engineering

    Secure Network Solutions: Connectivity, SD-WAN and Advanced Security

  • Speaker Julie Skeen Senior Product Marketing Manager

    Then & Now: Strategic Considerations for Data Quality

“What a pleasure to attend this event to learn about emerging tech trends, including generative AI, and how they might affect the digital landscape in the future."

– Rakesh Reddy, DirectTV, Chief Digital Officer

2023: IT Strategies For Delivering High-Impact Business Outcomes in an Especially Challenging Year

Tuesday, April 25 | 2:00-4:00 PM 


While our organizations and challenges are unique, many CIOs and senior technology leaders are facing similar challenges including enabling cost optimization, supporting profit and revenue growth through IT initiatives, and accelerating efforts to improve customer experience.

During this session, IDC will identify specific actions for CIOs and senior technology leaders to optimize costs that build future capability including automation; obtaining data insights by focusing initially on a single product, market segment, or channel; or streamlining a customer experience value stream. In addition, IDC will also discuss a step-by-step roadmap for selecting a target business process/technology and assessing its architecture, flow, functionality, data, insights, et al, with the goal of delivering current-cycle cost optimization while we consider necessary future capabilities.

In today’s volatile markets, we need to deliver 70-80% of the outcome within months. High-value impact — not perfection — should be our goal, and IT leaders are uniquely situated to help organizations and their business leaders better understand how processes, systems, and information system changes can generate the best business outcomes.

Attendees must stay for the duration of the event to be included in the raffle immediately following the last presentation. Potential raffle items range from (but are not limited to) rare and coveted wines and whiskeys, to high-end grills and golf clubs. Winners will be announced at the end of the event.