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Ryan Gourley
Territory Manager

The Future of The Always-ON Enterprise

Join Ryan Gourley, a 10 year Sales and Channel consultant, as he discusses the challenges with the always-on business and protecting the modern data center. Ryan will discuss

  • Industry trends – organizations will change backup vendors due to frustration over Cost, Complexity, or lack of capabilities.
  • Veeam knows that Backup is easy, but for many Legacy providers the Recovery is not
  • Organizations are modernizing their datacenter with Virtualization, Storage and Cloud but often forget to modernize the data protection plan
  • Questions to ask yourself:
  • How quickly can you recover the data you need?
  • How do you reduce the risk of data loss?
  • How do you verify data recoverability?
  • How do you leverage backup data to test new software and patches?
  • How do you gain visibility into your backup and virtual environment?
To learn more, visit https://www.veeam.com

Dennis Coombs
Territory Manager

“My application is slow”: Best Practices for Troubleshooting and Prevention

“My application is slow” is a common complaint heard at the help desk from frustrated users and managing IT performance to prevent such calls isn’t about just monitoring CPU, memory or disk space any more. You have to be able to quickly determine what the real cause of the problem is – is it in the network, database, application, storage? The fact that applications are using multi-tier architectures and being deployed in cloud and virtualized infrastructures only adds to the challenge. Discover the best practices for troubleshooting and prevention so even before a user complains their application is slow, you can pinpoint exactly where the cause of a problem lies – ensuring quick resolution and a positive user experience.


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