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Tech-based Hybrid Warfare Waged by Adversarial Countries: Threats Posed by Intrusive Apps

TechTalk Summits Cyber Analyst, Rex M. Lee is interviewed regarding “Tech-based Hybrid Warfare” being waged by adversarial countries.

Adversarial countries, including nation-state hackers, are waging unrestricted Tech-based Hybrid Warfare against the free world using intrusive apps that support smartphones, tablet PCs, and connected products supported by the Android OS, Apple iOS, and Microsoft Windows OS.

Learn how nation-state actors can use intrusive apps to surveil end users while data mining end users 24x7/365 days per year by way of apps that support connected products and services manufactured/developed in China.

Tech-based Hybrid Warfare is associated with Unrestricted Hybrid Warfare which is warfare without rules that targets everyone including teens, children, business professionals/leaders and government/elected officials, including world leaders.

Learn how nation-state actors can use intrusive Android (Google), Apple, and Microsoft apps to spy on people as well as use to launch attacks on networks, including critical infrastructure. You too may be a target if you are using intrusive apps and social media platforms developed by companies from adversarial countries.

Tech-Based Hybrid Warfare Waged By Adversarial Countries- Threats Posed By Intrusive Apps! on Vimeo