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SAP Cooking & Wine Dinner, Dallas, TX

September 24, 2019

Dallas, TX

5:30 pm - 8:45 pm
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The Cookery Culinary Class & Dinner with Wine Pairings

For this edition of our Executive Event Series, we will be providing our guests with a five-star culinary experience at The Cookery. Each class at The Cookery is led by an engaging culinary instructor who guides participants through the creation of a three course dinner, lasting approximately three hours. Upon arrival, we will be serving a custom aperitif, as well as appetizers reflecting the theme are provided to incite taste buds and set the ambiance for the class. Guests will enjoy learning new cooking skills, hearing chef’s secrets and working together to craft the featured courses. Each course will be carefully paired with a wine to complement the flavor profile of the dish.

Guiding Principles for Delivering Five-Star Experiences

In the experience economy, five-star experiences aren’t a luxury, they’re the expectation. Every organization is challenged to deliver bold, exceptional touch-points at scale, and failing to act on this can and will drive would-be advocates to the competition. Learn why you need experience data (X-data); how your customer feels about your business combined with operational data (O-data), the by-the-numbers breakdown of what makes you earn your rating.

Together, understanding your X- and O-data creates the foundation for delivering five-star experiences. That complete view helps close the experience gap and aligns expectations between employees and customers alike. In a world of continuous connection, if you don’t get five stars, you don’t just lose trust, you lose customers.

Christopher DelSelva, Principal Solution Engineer, SAP Customer Experience (CX)

Chris is a more than five year veteran of SAP’s Customer Experience group and has more than twenty years of experience in the e-business, digital marketing, and customer management space.

He has worked across the digital spectrum for front office applications and applications as a technical trainer, project manager, and consultant for leading global Fortune 1000 customers and currently supports SAP’s Mid-Market US CX group.

Maria Sideris, Head of Sales, SAP Customer Experience, Qualtrics Dallas office

Maria is a senior sales executive with 7+ years of experience leading teams at fast-growing tech companies. She believes success comes when you focus on recruiting the best talent, retaining them and developing their skills on a daily basis.

While leading teams, Maria drives her teams to focus on seamless customer experiences while being customer obsessed. Purchasing software or service should be exciting for an organization, and it is her job to see that through the sales process and beyond for every customer.

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The Cookery 1130 Dragon St. #180
Dallas, TX 75207

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