Virtual Wine Event

NICE Actimize Private Wine Experience

Duration: 60 Minutes

Eric Tran-Le

Vice President, Premier, NICE Actimize

Jesus Ortiz

Vice President of Engineering, Premier, NICE Actimize

Srinivas Peri

Senior Partner | Princeton Strategy Group

Rachel DeAmbrose

James Beard Award Winning Sommelier

Explainable AI Risk Models: Understanding the Benefits

Thursday, June 24 | 4:00 PM ET


It’s time to understand how explainable AI risk models can help with assessing customer risk.

In this era of digital acceleration, a customer risk profile can only be assessed by its digital behavior. Fact: legacy FRAML systems simply cannot deal with real-time behavioral risk scoring. To make matters worse, legacy FRAML systems provide little to no explanation of their rules performance, or lack thereof.

In this roundtable session, NICE Actimize will showcase how Xceed’s cloud-native, Al-first machine learning & behavioral analytics system can help risk management teams profile their customer in a smarter, faster way while being able to explain their AI models to auditors in a clear manner.

In this roundtable session, NICE Actimize AI experts will detail:

  • What is Explainable AI and why it’s important
  • Processes used to easily achieve Explainable AI
  • Why NICE Actimize Xceed’s Explainable AI should be a key pillar of your effective risk management strategy


Jesus Ortiz | Vice President of Engineering, Premier, NICE Actimize Jesus is an experienced technology and operations executive with an outstanding record of achievement delivering cloud, analytics and enterprise-based products to global markets. He has held leadership positions at multiple companies including Oracle and Thomson Reuters; and has led Engineering, Quality Assurance, Data Science, IT, Operations, Professional Services, Customer Support and Strategy at multiple companies.

Eric Tran-Le | Vice President, Premier, NICE Actimize Eric has held several leadership positions in product management and marketing at companies including Oracle and Microsoft, where he consistently delivered innovative, best-in-class enterprise solutions in the areas of cloud-based predictive analytics for IT security. Eric is a member of the Federal Reserve’s Fraud Definitions Work Group initiative to advance the Federal Reserve's strategy for improving the U.S. payment system.

Srinivas Peri | Senior Partner, Princeton Strategy Group A thought leader with over 20 years of experience, Peri has led the development and validation of risk, finance and fraud detection models used in financial services. He advises the executive management of large systemically important banks on Model Risk Management frameworks per SR 11-7 and SR 15-18 guidelines including development of policy, procedures, standards and governance for effective model lifecycle management. In addition, Peri has led multiple teams on model validation engagements to provide effective second line review and challenge of models used in Capital Planning, Stress Testing, Risk Management and Fraud Detection across credit, market, liquidity and operational risk areas. His areas of expertise include model validation coverage such as stochastic, statistical, AI/ML models (AML and Online Fraud detection), and judgment-based qualitative approaches. His experience covers addressing the challenges faced in validation of AI/ML models with respect to interpretability of model hyperparameters, assumptions, limitations, and benchmarking. Peri has successfully engaged FRB/OCC/FDIC regulators to address regulatory matters related to model risk management frameworks of client banks.

Peri has an MS in Computational Finance from Princeton University and a BS in Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology.

Join us after the presentation as we pop a bottle of the vintage chosen by sommelier, Rachel DeAmbrose, who will provide a brief tasting on the wine you’ll receive as a “thank you” for attending the event.

Rachel DeAmbrose attended the International Culinary Center in New York City for Intensive Sommelier Training and achieved Certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers. She continued training as an intern for a single vintage grower in Champagne, France before returning to the US to accept a position as a wine steward at world renowned Bern's Steak House.

Rachel was quickly promoted to Assistant Sommelier and soon after Sommelier, the first woman and youngest sommelier in Bern’s history, making her way through the vast James Beard award winning wine cellar of rare and extremely sought after vintages. She now hosts private wine events globally at venues hand-picked for their wine cellars.
Be sure to provide the best address to send your wine on the registration form.

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