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Cloudera Private Bourbon Tasting Event

Duration: 60 Minutes

Dinesh Chandrasekhar, Technology Evangelist

Dinesh Chandrasekhar is a technology evangelist, a thought leader and a seasoned product marketer with over 26+ years of industry experience. Dinesh has extensive experience working on enterprise software as well as SaaS products delivering sophisticated solutions for customers with complex architectures. Dinesh’s areas of expertise include IoT, Application/Data integration, Analytics, B2B and API management. He is proficient in use cases across multiple industry verticals like retail, manufacturing, utilities and healthcare. He is a prolific speaker, blogger and a weekend coder. He currently works at Cloudera, managing their Data-in-Motion product line. Dinesh holds an MBA degree from Santa Clara University and a Master’s degree in Computer Applications from University of Madras.

Why Cloudera delivers the best value for your Kafka implementation

Wednesday May 12, 4PM PT


Over the last few years, Cloudera DataFlow has established itself as the industry’s leading real-time streaming data platform. Cloudera has delivered some amazing innovations in the platform to enable our customers to get maximum value. We have hundreds of customers implementing Cloudera Streams Messaging powered by Apache Kafka, at various levels of scale. And now, with Cloudera Data Platform, you get the benefits of the same streaming platform on the cloud too.

Attend this event led by our Head of Product Marketing for our Data-in-Motion products, Dinesh Chandrasekhar to learn more about –

  • Current offering of Cloudera’s streaming capabilities
  • Support for Hybrid cloud and public cloud models
  • Key factors that make Cloudera’s offering most cost-effective
  • Roadmap – What’s coming

Join your host Cloudera for this signature tasting hosted by Bourbon Specialist, Richard Beeson, who will be your guide through tasting notes and food pairings of Maker’s Mark 46.


Richard Beeson, Whisk(e)y Ambassador

Richard has built a reputation as a spirits and beer expert in the restaurant and distribution industry over the past fifteen years. He has been involved in importing both Irish whiskey and Scotch whisky and expanding distribution of Kentucky Bourbon whiskey in the Northeast region. He started his career tending bar in the pubs of the Boston area and worked to cultivate a dedicated whisk(e)y selection and following as he has moved from the restaurant industry to distribution.

Your Whisk(e)y Ambassador for the tasting, Richard Beeson, has traveled to Ireland, Mexico, Germany, and throughout the US to study distillation and brewing. After making the switch from the restaurant industry to the distribution world in 2013, Richard worked with the new wave of Irish craft distillers to break into the US market, as well as Scotch whisk(e)y importers with unique bottlings, and small to large US distilleries looking to capitalize on what became a global boom.

In 2017 he opened his own small whisk(e)y pub in his hometown of Lowell, Massachusetts. The Keep boasts one of the largest and most diverse selections of whisk(e)y in the state. You can find Richard there most nights, finicking over new bottles and searching for the next interesting dram of what is known as “the water of life”.

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